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:: Corrado Rolling Road Day ::

Corrado Forum Rolling Road Day - By Si Bentley [ C6 SRB ]

As an enthusiastic member of the Corrado Forum, I was quick to sign up for the south east area rolling road day organised by Phil, one of the forum moderators. Helped by the fact that the venue was only 10 miles from home but also keen to see what sort of power the car is putting out it sounded like a great way to spend a sunny Saturday. The venue was the "Surrey Rolling Road" which is a very slick outfit based in Camberly, Surrey. 

They use a state of the art Dyno Dynamics rolling road which can take serious power (up to 1,200bhp!) through 2 or 4 wheels and provides a lot of accurate data to help owners fully understand how their engines are running. The set up measures bhp at the wheels and then works back to a flywheel estimate. Unlike a lot of other systems the Dyno Dynamics set up uses software to calculate the transmission losses and therefore work back to the flywheel output. Traditional systems use what is known as "coast down" whereby the time taken for the car to coast back to a halt is used to work out transmission losses. The faster the coast down the more losses are present and therefore the greater the adjustment required to get to the flywheel figure. This however is often inconsistent and unreliable; it is also very easy to over estimate the final figure with a dab on the brakes during coast down….. Useful if you have just sold some great performance enhancing product and want to over inflate its benefits, but crap if you just want an accurate set of data.

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The day started at 10am with an excellent turnout and a high standard of cars. There were about 18 Corrados, 1 Seat Ibiza Cupra, 1 Passatt and Dan's Mk1 in attendance and the power plants being put to the test included G60s, VR6s, 16Vs and a 1.8T (in the Cupra). Due to lack of volunteers, my car went on the rollers first. 

It quickly became apparent that the owner of the test car could always be swiftly identified as he would be the worried looking chap pacing around the garage feeling rather nervous. I was no exception! The car was driven up the ramps and strapped into place before having some chocks placed in front of the rear wheels.

Once warmed up the car was gently eased through first and second before being given death in third. The car was run flat out from as low in the rev range as possible, right up to the limiter before coasting back down to a halt. The noise is quite insane and my G60 on full chat in a confined space with the bonnet up makes a sound much like a jet fighter taking off (Awesome in other words!). Check out the sound on the video clip, if you don't believe me but I can assure you that it is a hair raising experience.


Two more power runs were done to ensure that there were no anomalies and the final figure was a very respectable 183bhp (at 5,900rpm) and 180ft/lb (at 4,600rpm) which equates to 147bhp at the wheels. Interestingly, the graphs show that over 150ft/lb is on tap from about 2,800rpm all the way to the red line. As well as the power figures the system also records AFR (air fuel ratio) to ensure that the engine does not lean out halfway through the run and blow up!

This process was repeated for each car (with a barbeque interlude at lunch time) and it was surprising to see very similar figures being put out by each of the G60s. It was also apparent that a chipped and pulleyed G60 kicks out similar figures to a VR6 albeit with a somewhat different power delivery and noise. Whilst on the subject the sound of a VR on full chat with a vocal induction kit is quite something else! Again, check out the sound on the video clips.

Simon's G60 - 183 Brake Run - CAUTION 11 MB !

Corrado VR6 at full-chat - 5 MB...

The total results were as follows:

G60s: 207, 199, 186, 185, 183 (me!), 176, 173, 159 bhp at the flywheel

VR6s: 189, 187, 181, 180, 179, 178 bhp at the flywheel

16Vs: 148, 137 bhp at the flywheel

1.8T: 183 bhp at the flywheel

2l 8v: 125 bhp at the flywheel

A big thanks to Phil K for organising such a great day and to Surrey Rolling road for hosting it at a very reasonable cost. Check out the picks and videos, and if you are a Corrado fan then make sure you check out the Corrado Forum at www.the-corrado.net

Now I have a good solid base figure to work from I have a few mods up my sleeve (I shall spring them on the bank balance when it least expects it!) so watch this space.

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