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revolution rfx tuner 7x14

:: Revolution Wheels ::

Well, what more can we say?  Revolution Wheels, manufacturers of some of the coolest Old Skool alloy wheels on the planet, are back!

Here at Matey-Matey we're always looking at ways of helping you lot stay one step ahead of the game...

When Revolution wheels approached us asking if we thought it was worth them re-producing some of their classic alloys for the VW scene, we were SO sure it was worth doing we agreed to help them market and distribute them!

Founded in 1967 Revolution wheels can undoubtedly lay claim to being from the old-skool. With well over 30 years of motor-racing heritage, what the team over at Revolution wheels don't know about metallurgy, offsets and p.c.d is definitely not worth fretting over!

In consultation with Revolution's tyre suppliers, we've put together a number of tasty discounted wheel and tyre combos specifically for the VW market.

Sizes and fitments ::

To help make things a little easier, we've grouped the range based on what VW it's best suited to:


RFX [U] - Ideal for MK1 & 2 Golf,  MK3 Polo and late Jetta etc

:: Wheels

8x14 [special order] 8x15
:: Tyres

195/45/R14, 195/45/R14, 195/45/R15

Notes: This is a deep dish wheel, with a good combination of crisp edges and smooth radii. This wheel will complement cars with smoother lines like late MK2 Golfs and MK3 Polos as well as earlier VAG cars.

Finishes - This wheel is available with an ultra-brilliant diamond-turned rim at a small extra cost.


Classics - Ideal for early MK1 & pre-facelift MK2 Golfs

:: Wheels

:: Tyres


:: Wheels

[to order]
:: Tyres


Notes: These are Revolution's original old-skool wheels. They feature a deep dish,  with crisp edge definition in both the spokes and the rims. These wheels will look best on early cars, especially those going for a retro-look.

Finishes - These wheels are available with Silver, Black, Gold or White rims and all come with diamond-turned rims as standard.


RZX - 17s,  Ideal for MK3 / MK4 Golf / Corrado / Bora etc

:: Wheels

8x17 [deep dish]
:: Tyres

Specific to application

Please ask!

Notes: These wheels were developed by Revolution's Motorsport division. They are only available as 17s and come in a variety of widths from 6x17 - 8x17 

Finishes - These wheels are available in either a Silver, Black, Gold or White finish and are available with an ultra-brilliant diamond-turned rim at a small extra cost.


:: Interested? ::

So you've seen the range. What now?

:: To learn how to Order a Set - click here

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