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:: Lotus Esprit ::

Yes - you did read it correctly, the Matey-Matey Lotus Esprit is up for a QUICK sale to fund our next project at just 2500.



It's a 1986 Lotus Esprit S3 in Guard's Red with 60k on the clock. It still has the original dealership stickers, bill of sale and was on the front of Autocar in 1987 [pic to follow]. It's on the original paint so it's certainly not mint but it does polish up well as you can see.

It's only had 3 previous owners and comes with the best part of 10k's worth of receipts including a full engine rebuild with forged pistons, re jetted carbs and a lightened flywheel. I've spent over 2500 on it in the last year including a new manifold / studs, a full top-end rebuild, new triple cored rad and new fans and a complete service [which included cam-belt, plugs, oil, balancing the carbs, and a detailed on the road tune up]

The car is a delight to drive and once warmed up [the forged pistons take a while to expand] behaves impeccably. It's last outing was a 1000 mile tour down through France to Le Mans during which time it did not miss a single beat [unlike the Caterham Road-Sport we took, which conked-out several times!!]

Currently the car is in the barn, is declared off road and only has 3 months of MOT left. In addition to this, it's sustained a bit of mild damage to the rear bumper [which is only a 150 quid part] after someone bumped me in traffic [again pic to follow]. These are substantially reflected in the price which is geared for a quick sale [as you can see here]

The car is currently insured for 7500 and I'm in the process of getting an HPI done for it too.

Please send me an e-mail if you'd like to arrange a viewing...


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