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::: Mk2 Lay Flat Rear Wiper Conversion :::

This is one of the oldest mods in the book that 90% of you will already have carried out, but for the remaining 10% We thought we'd enlighten you. 

The mod moves the static position of the rear wiper from a diagonal upright position to a neat flat position thus making it more discrete and the back of the car that bit smoother. Before you ask why VW didn't do this in the first place it is because the lay flat position is slightly less aerodynamic than the standard position (VW tried this when developing the car). If like us you polish your car far too regularly then your over shiny paint is likely to more than offset the aerodynamic loss caused by a flat wiper. The mod is completely free and requires only the following :

1. Flat blade screwdriver
2. Open ended 10mm spanner
3. A Vice
4. WD-40

Open the boot lid and remove the plastic trim (black plastic and about 2ft long by 1ft deep) on the inside edge of the boot that covers the mechanism. This is secured with about 8-10 plastic plugs. These should be prised out with the flat blade screw driver. If you have a sub or a bass heavy stereo then we would recommend leaving this trim off after the mod as it has a tendency to rattle with the bass notes. Once the trim is removed the mechanism should be clearly visible.

Using the open-ended spanner remove the mechanism linkage from the motor spindle, taking care to note the orientation of the arm that you remove from the spindle. Once removed, turn the arm through 180 degrees. This will move the wiper to an almost flat position. Re-secure the arm to the motor spindle with the nut and close the boot lid. The wiper will not be quite flat yet.

Lift the plastic cap from the pivoting end of the wiper using the screwdriver. Undo the retaining nut with the 10mm spanner taking care not to move the wiper in the process and noting its orientation. Remove the wiper arm from the splined spindle. Once removed the wiper arm needs bending slightly using the vice so that it sits a bit flatter. Bend it so that the existing kink becomes more pronounced and refit on the car in the lay flat position. The wiper should now lie flat. If it does not then a little bit of tinkering and fine-tuning might be required. Once positioned it would be prudent to test the new set up but please do not do this with the wiper in contact with the car. Pull the wiper off the glass and check that it works ok and returns to the lay flat position after each sweep. If you do this with the wiper on the glass you run the risk of it overshooting and damaging your paintwork should it not be quite right. Replace the plastic cap that sits over the pivoting end of the wiper, stand back and admire your handiwork.

N.B. - When carrying out this mod we would recommend taking the opportunity to de gunk and lubricate the entire mechanism with some WD-40 or similar. The Mk2 has a slightly flawed backside that causes dirt to be sucked onto the back of the car. This then gets in the wiper mechanism and puts a strain on the motor or as with one of our cars causes it to seize completely. A clean and some lubrication should prevent this.

Disclaimer : Matey-Matey accept no responsibility for any of the information contained within this document or the accuracy thereof. It is intended as a helpful guide and is solely based on personal experience. The author also wishes to stress that the methods highlighted are centred around personal opinion and there may be other equally credible ways of performing this conversion.

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