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::: JustMatz :::

Here at Matey-Matey we are always keen to keep you informed of any exciting new products that we come across, so we thought it only fair to tell you all about Justmatz.


Dan & I came across the company when we ordered some mats with the Matey-Matey logo on for our respective VWs. We were so impressed with both the quality of the mats and the fact that they could be made to pretty much any specification we wanted, we got in touch to find out a bit more about the company.

The company is run by two mates, Jeremy and Dave. They tell us that they have been VW enthusiasts for about 20 years but I think the term VW nutters is more appropriate, as they have owned a host of very cool VWs in this time. Jeremy has owned a rather special Mk1 Golf for the last 18 years whilst Dave has had a Mk1 (owned for 12 years) a Mk2 (owned for 6 years) and now owns a Mk4 Golf so not only are they enthusiasts but they really know their stuff and have extensive experience of most of the VAG range.

They are also show fanatics and not content with attending all the UK shows they regularly take trips to the continent for the European shows as well as the odd jaunt to shows in the US and Far East. It appears that they have managed to combine their hobby with a very successful business and they use their current cars as demonstrators for the huge range of products they offer. You may well be familiar with the cars as they have featured in a number of popular magazines such as PVW, The Golf and Redline etc.

As the company name suggests they specialise in mat sets. These can be had in a variety of different styles and finishes to suit any budget and can incorporate a number of standard logos or a bespoke logo. This latter option we are told is obviously very popular with the various clubs on the scene.

As well as mats the company offer polished wheels for all VWs from Mk1 Golf through to Mk4, flush fitting BBS centre caps, replacement bolts for split rims in a variety of finishes as well as ali and steel rims. One product which particularly caught our attention as track day nutters (and thus looking to save weight wherever possible) are the titanium locking wheel nights which are 25% lighter than regular items.

Other products include trick Euro look number plate surrounds, VW racing neckbands (essential for all motor-sport enthusiasts), Limited Edition VW key-rings, rear lights and air filter kits. Most of the products are exclusive to Justmatz and in many cases have been painstakingly sourced from all over the world. We have included some pics of the products in this article but check out the Justmatz website for more details. We will be running features on Jeremy and Dave's cars in the next few weeks so watch this space. Also watch out for the company at any of the major shows as they often have some seriously good show offers.


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