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::: Investigating the Golf GTi - The People's Porsche :::

 Over the following 11 pages you will find my extended University study on the development of the first Golf GTi. 

I know this is a rather 'strange' subject for a dissertation. However as a design graduate who spent all of his free time polishing his Mk1 with almost religious devotion, it was the perfect opportunity to try and break it all down and discover what it was about the Golf GTi that appealed to so many people.

I can promise you that although it is very long, it is definitely worth reading!. Within this study you will find the distilled and cross-referenced contents of just about every specialist (for that read 'expensive')  publication available on the Golf GTi,  a plethora of road tests from the time, and a whole host of fascinating insights into Volkswagen as a company, the Sport Golf design team, and even a section on the life of Giorgio Giugiaro.

Feel free to save a fortune and download this study to print, read at your leisure and then impress your mates at your local GTi meet - if you are paying to be online, I would positively recommend printing  it  - just please don't publish it or plagarise it  without at least first letting me know, as it took ages to write and compile.

If you have any comments on any of this  - please feel free to send me a mail! Daniel@Matey-Matey.com

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 1 » Introduction: Can lessons be learnt from the Golf GTI?
2 » Chapter One: Giorgio Giugiaro and the ‘Sport Golf’
3 » Chapter Two: Volkswagen’s uncertain beginnings
4 » Volkswagen’s development in the United States
5 » Chapter Three: The new Golf ‘GTI’
6 » Chapter Four: Cult Credentials
7 » Chapter Five: Steps to success
8 » Volkswagen’s constitution
9 » The Eighties environment
10 » The high volume Golf
11 » Bibliography
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