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Silver VW Lupo GTi [new] 95k
Black Mk2 Golf GTi [new] 95k
Cream 1400 Mk3 Sleeper [new] 95k
Standard Atlas Mk2 16v GTi [new] 95k
Golf V6 4Motion on 18s [new] 95k
Atlas Grey Mk2 16v GTi [new] 95k
2-tone South African Mark One [new] 95k
Bright Blue Metallic Mk2 8v GTi 95k
Bright Blue Metallic Mk2 8v GTi 123k
Mint MK2 Golf GTi G60 Syncro 4x4 on BBS Splits  83k
Ted Dorset's Ultra Cool 'Charged VR6 Jetta 58k
Ultra-Low Metallic Blue Golf Driver 100k
Reiger Kitted Mk2 Driver on 17s 81k
Daz's tastefully modified '83 MK1 89k
Richard's Triple-Tone Flip-Painted MK2 100k
Early Mark One GTi in an acidic green slammed on dinky rims 79k
Orange MK1 GTi on 13 inch ATS wheels with blade bumpers 86k
Another 70s Mk One running Wolfrace Alleycats and lurid paint 70k
Custom Painted Claret GTi blending old and new skools 99k
A flawless Belgian Golf GTi MK1 with Porsche wheels and handles 70k
A fantastic 2 litre Mk2 which started life as 1.3 - wow! 110k
Mint Red MK3 8v with full leather 100k
Daniel's 1.9 MK Road-Racer parked on a farm in sleepy Surrey 105k
One of the nicest Rods at this year's NZ Internationals 108k
Robin Bergman's RS3 2.0 burning along the Dutch countryside 95k
One of our all time favourite MK1's -and a Pirelli special edition to boot! 89k
Euro Look MK1 skimming the weeds on Old Skool 13's 98k
Candy Flip paint, a supercharger and seventeen's anyone? 128k
Reiger Tuning Kitted Audi TT show demonstrator 84k
Robin Bergman's RS3 2.0 parked up in a rustic Dutch village 121k
A lovely photo of Damon at Brands Hatch doing some publicity shots... 102k
Proof indeed that a 5 door can look absolutely fantastic 90k
Bintcliffe's works Audi A4 pasting John Clelend's Vectra at a BTCC Meet. 79k
Check out the ride height on this MK1 - nice... 93k
One of the sharpest photos on this site - it really looks great. 135k
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