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:: Engine ::

The engine and gearbox are probably the best part of this car. The engine in standard form puts out a healthy 112 bhp (or 115 on higher octane leaded or equivalent). The standard torque output is a similarly healthy 111ft/lbs @ 3600 rpm. As standard this is coupled to a close ratio sport's box which is a pleasure to use (and seems to be able to handle huge hikes in power output)

The engine internals are standard (not withstanding new oil-seals all round and a modified breather set up)  however the ECU has been treated to a Jabbasport Chip, and the Supercharger has been fully re-built, lightened, flowed and generally 'tweaked'. It is run off the engine by a considerably smaller pulley, and draws air through a modified airbox.

The performance from this conversion is absolutely brilliant, and even with standard wheels, skinny tyres and loads of wheelspin the car did a certified 6.9secs to 60 at Santa Pod.

:: Pictures ::

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