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::: Volkswagen's constitution :::

Elements intrinsic to Volkswagen as an organisation are doubtless significant.

Following the hardships of the war within Germany, Volkswagen were able to capitalise on their manufacturing head-start, to set up a dealer network from scratch. The network operated to a series of clear-cut working practices, whilst the dealerships were carefully standardised to a distinct and recognisable style. Volkswagen management initiated a policy of reporting clearly and regularly to their workforce, which encouraged quality and honesty. This quality, allied with a policy of constantly improving but not actually changing the design, ensured strong world-wide demand for the Beetle. From this demand came profits, which Volkswagen chose to re-invest in the production process, to address its shortcomings and thus improve the car. The cars were backed-up by a fixed service program, which gave the highest possible standards of service, and ensured the cars were never off the road for long.

Volkswagen's design evolution policy was both unusual and noticeable, and earnt Volkswagen a loyal customer-base. Volkswagen of America established an award-winning 'creative' advertising formula, which whilst being mould-breaking, were wholly honest, never exaggerated and never criticised the competition. The adverts were designed to boost sales rather than create them, and they reflected Volkswagen's singular confidence. Volkswagen models were not subject to short-term obsolescence, and evolution of the cars was never so severe as to cheapen preceding models.

The Eighties environment

 1 » Introduction: Can lessons be learnt from the Golf GTI?
2 » Chapter One: Giorgio Giugiaro and the ‘Sport Golf’
3 » Chapter Two: Volkswagen’s uncertain beginnings
4 » Volkswagen’s development in the United States
5 » Chapter Three: The new Golf ‘GTI’
6 » Chapter Four: Cult Credentials
7 » Chapter Five: Steps to success
8 » Volkswagen’s constitution
9 » The Eighties environment
10 » The high volume Golf
11 » Bibliography
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