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:: Simon's New 16v Corrado - Part 2::

I arrived to pick the car up the next week and and was pleasantly surprised to find it had even been valeted. Sadly I am rather anal about my cars and so it was given further coats of polish and fettle the next day to bring it up to my overly-exacting standards. 

First impressions were very good, the car drove very well and the handling is superb. Understeer is negigable, the car corners with a perfectly neutral stance and if you give it a bootfull, the rear end follows round sharply in a very rewarding and controllable manner. 

All the toys are a bit of a novelty as I am used to owning more basic cars in the past, with the pop up spoiler being my favourite feature. My only complaints were [and still are] the lack of power [or more specifically torque] compared to.

The power steering is great for parking and weights up well round the lanes but tends to be a little bit vague at motorway speeds and around the straight-ahead. This is a complaint I have heard from other Corrado owners as well. The steering wheel was quickly ditched for the leather Momo Top Power wheel off the Mk2 and not only feels much better but looks the part as well.

Not being one to resist a few improvements, the orange repeaters were quickly binned in favour of some clear items and the std head unit was replaced with the Pioneer single slot CD from the Golf. This complemented the Kenwood rear replacement speakers and the Alpine components I had balso fitted.

I must be getting old because I resisted the temptation to fit a sub on the grounds of retaining boot space. Secretly though, I was reluctant to weigh an already heavy car down any further. I don't have any plans for any massive mods but merely intend modest improvement as and when finances allow. 

Despite coming with std 15-inch alloys, I placed a wanted ad on the Matey-Matey/Elite1000 forum for a set of newer 15 inch alloys and came up trumps with a set of 15x7 Enzo Cup alloys shod in some nearly new Avon 195/50/15 ZR1 tyres. After a bit of jiggery pokery on the PC I was able to ascertain that the wheels would suit the car a treat and so travelled up North to meet the seller. We had agreed to meet half way between Brum [where my girlfriend is studying] and Derby where the seller lived. Sadly we picked the worst day of the year and pulled up in a deserted lay-by amidst some pretty torrential rain and a howling gale. I did not fancy a full wheel swap in these conditions and we went to the nearest garage forecourt only to spot a rather quiet looking tyre and exhaust place next door. As they had nothing better to do, an entire fiver changed hands and we sat back and watched from the warm office whilst other people got their hands dirty. They even used a torque wrench to tighten the bolts. Luckily the seller took my old wheels in p/x and so I didn't even need to lug them all the way home... What a result!

The car was beginning to look a bit smarter but still had what I would class as an 'agricultural ride height'. Thus a G-Max 40mm lower suspension kit was purchased along with a set of std top mounts. These were fitted on the one dry Saturday since Christmas and have improved the cars stance and handling no end. They are stiffer than std but not too extreme so the ride is still reasonably comfortable and a refreshing change from the track-orientated set up I had on the 1.9. Other mods have included tinting the rear lights red and painting the VW roundels black to tidy things up. The front grille has been ditched in favour of a late spec 3 bar item which combined with my C6 SRB plate hides the cars age well.

The rear brake pads need renewing and I am already eyeing up some new 280mm discs for 'up front'. The favoured method at the moment is to use a Volks-Sport kit, which spaces the existing callipers a bit further from the hubs. Long term, I am on the look out for a suitable power plant as I am desperately seeking more ponies. I quite fancy building myself a torquey 2l 16v using an Audi short block or reconing a G60 so watch this space. 

Styling wise the car is pretty much sorted. I think that VW got it right from the start with a lovely aggressive shape, and so the only thing of the wish list for the exterior is to get dent-master out to do the two dents in the doors [has anyone had experience with this before?]. Other than that I will just be uprating bits 'as and when' - Oh and that full leather interior wouldn't go amiss either!


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