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Hi, Great website- keep up the good work. I thought I'd send you pictures of my mark 2 at the pier in Port Ellen on the Isle of Islay, just to prove that VW modding stretches to the very extremities of the country! 

I've only had this mk2 16 valve for a couple of months, so I haven't really started on it yet. I'm only planning minimal mods for it, though, as I think it looks pretty stunning as it is. The 15 inch BBS alloys came with it, and they cleaned up pretty good. I've lowered it 40mm with a simple Spax kit- I actually think this is as low as it needs to go on 15`s, and is certainly as stiff as you'd want it for the roads on this island (which are truly horrendous). I might polybush it if I get round to it, as the front end lurches a bit- I suspect dodgy anti roll bar mounts. 

The car came with the smoked side repeaters and rear clusters (nice), and I'm planning to add a de-badged grille (4 light) and an eyebrow (which I have had for ages but can't get paint for til the next time I'm back in civilisation!). I'm going to tidy up the back end by removing all the badges except the central VW one, which I'm going to replace with a big chrome one off a Transporter. I've mocked this up and it looks pretty good- its a mod the Beastie Boys would have approved of! The car has done mega-miles, but the interior is very nice. 

The engine runs well, with a 50mm inlet manifold and a drilled airbox the only mods. The only car dealership on the island is a VW dealer, though, which means parts are really easy to come by- I've got a tuned engine, and uprated ecu and a low miles gearbox in reserve already! I'll send some more pictures once I've got it looking exactly the way I want it. I'm off out now to thrash it from one end of the island to the other (which`ll take me about 20 minutes!). May the force be with you.

Simon Freeman.

Matey-Matey 2006 - Please credit us if you use these photos!